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Masturbation Cups: How to Choose and Use, Types, Product Recommendations and More!

Also known as DIY cups and virgin cups, masturbation cups are solo-use sex toys designed for male masturbation. Their shape resembles sexual body parts such as vaginas, mouths, etc. Masturbator toys enhance masturbation by replicating the feeling of intercourse.


Masturbation Cups Benefits

According to the research findings, individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most likely to engage in workplace masturbation, with 27% of those who confess to this behaviour falling into this age group.

  • Great simulation/resemblance to vaginal walls and pore structure. Most masturbation cups are vagina-based and porous, simulating the feeling of penetrating a real vagina.
  • Very convenient and easy to carry. DIY cups are one of the most convenient sex toys you can get. You can keep them at home or anywhere on the go as they are small and lightweight.
  • Boost blood circulation. DIY cups appear to improve blood circulation in the penis better than solo/hand masturbation. Masturbation cups may also improve erectile dysfunction.
  • Protection without condoms. Since masturbator toys are designed for solo use, they are generally safe. By replacing actual penetration and using it alone, you won’t get any STDs from their use.
  • Varied sensations. The latest generation of masturbator cups is packed with many features for different sensations. Some models, for instance, come with suction cups and adjustable vibrations.

Types of Masturbation Cups

Masturbation cups come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and features. The most common types of masturbator cups include:

  • Simple/realistic masturbation cups. Simple masturbation cups resemble the internal wall of a vagina or anus and depend on hand motions. They are typically made of thermoplastic rubber and they are one of the cheapest options available.
  • Vibrating masturbation cups. Unlike simple and manual masturbation cups, these masturbator cups produce electric vibration. This offers a more varied and enhanced feeling when masturbating.
  • Sucking DIY cups. Sucking DIY cups mimic the feel of getting a blowjob. They may feature a realistic mouth or an internal sucking mechanism. The sucking mode is activated with electricity from batteries or USB cords.
  • Hybrid masturbation cups. These are the most advanced and complex masturbation cups, offering multiple features. Examples include vibrating mouth and vagina wall cups, adjustable intensity, 3-way masturbation cups, etc.

Masturbation Cups Materials Comparison

Masturbation cups are usually made of silicone, thermoplastic rubber (TRP), or hybrid metal/plastic material.

For more info and a comparison of the above materials, refer to the table below:

Material Properties Pros Cons
  • Man-made polymer material
  • Non-porous structure
  • Mild elasticity
  • Very safe
  • Resistant to bacteria, fungi, and virus
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Costly
  • Doesn't work with silicone-based lubricants
Thermoplastic rubber
  • Specially treated-heat molded plastic
  • Very elastic
  • Porous texture
  • Cheap
  • Very flexible
  • Produces a realistic sensation
  • Works with most lubricant
  • More prone to bacterial, fungi, and/or virus infection
  • Not very long-lasting
Hybrid metal/plastic
  • Includes firm stainless steel, aluminium, or other metallic exterior
  • Includes silicone or rubber parts internally or externally
  • Very long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Very firm
  • Ability to retain heat
  • Costly
  • Heavier than other types
  • Not suitable for oil-based lubricants

Choosing The Right Masturbator Toys

Choosing the right masturbator toys is a matter of preference, budget, material, and level of experience. There is no right or wrong choice but there are products that match all the above.

We suggest the following virgin cups for various user needs:

  • If you are a newbie looking for a budget-friendly option, choose a simple TRP masturbation cup.
  • If you wish to get a safe and long-lasting product, go for a silicone masturbation cup.
  • If you want something more advanced, go for a hybrid masturbation cup. A hybrid masturbation cup is also great if you can afford the price.
  • If you are looking for a blowjob-like experience, pick a masturbation cup with a suction mouth.
  • For a more intense experience, choose a vibrating masturbator cup. You can choose between single-vibration or multiple-level adjustment models.


How do I first use my masturbation cup?
This depends on the type you are using. If you are using a simple TRP masturbation cup, simply add your penis slowly to the hole. This will warm up your skin and make insertion more comfortable. If you are using an electronic vibration or suction cup, insert it slowly as well. You can then adjust the speed as you like. Holding the base of your penis with the middle of the cup with the other hand is ideal.

Do I need to remove air from the men’s masturbation cup?
If you are using a simple masturbation cup, it’s best to remove the air before use. This will make contact with the penis more comfortable and realistic. Ideally, squeeze out the air before you use them alone or with lotion.

Do I have to use a lubricant with my masturbation cup?
Not necessarily, but it will make insertion more comfortable. It will also enhance your experience (depending on the lubricant you use). Just make sure the lubricant is compatible with the material of your toy before use. Using an incompatible material may damage the pores of the toy.

How do I wash my virgin cup?
You can clean most virgin cups with warm water and mild soap. If you are in a rush, you may use alcohol-free antibacterial wipes. You can then let it dry naturally or wipe it with a thin dry towel. Your safest bet, though, would be to buy a compatible sex toy cleaner. In any case, be sure to read the cleaning instructions for your model.

Where do I keep my masturbation cup?
Most masturbation cups are protected by a firm metallic or rubber exterior - that means you don't have to be extra careful with their placement. However, if you are using a cheaper plastic cup, we suggest you keep it in a dry and shielded place. Too much heat or coldness may alter the consistency of the cup.

Get Your Masturbation Cup Online Now

Masturbation cups can really take your masturbation to the next level. Provided you choose the right type and follow our suggestions, you will have a toy you will enjoy for many years to come. And if your masturbation cup no longer works for you, you can simply experiment with another type. Shop masturbation cups in Malaysia now at with discreet shipping!

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