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SecretByMe is one of the leading professional Sex Toy adult sex toy Online sellers in Malaysia.

Now we are cooperating with many European and American and Asia…etc, We provide a wide range of sex toys including male sex toys, sex toys for women, vibrators, massagers, dildos and many many more. All of our sex toys are carefully quality controlled, ensuring the highest quality and the latest design, featuring vibrators that are 100% phthalate-free, All of our sex toys are up to international standards, SecretByMe will continue to stay in touch with our customers to meet your needs and requirements. Meanwhile, we will offer the best after-sales service to every customer. Here we warmly welcome new and regular customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business.

About Sex Toy

Obviously, it highlights its auxiliary role in restoring sexual function and enhancing the harmony between husband and wife. It is generally called in Western countries. Sex toys, mainly to emphasize their extremely entertaining side. The difference in appellation just fully reflects the characteristics of sexual health products. Correct use of it can achieve the effects of self-entertainment, masturbation, and self-treatment.

At the same time, sex toys also have a certain positive effect on society. It can reduce the chances of prostitution and sexual behavior for people with strong sexual desires, thereby reducing sexually transmitted diseases, making people healthy, and providing people with sexual enjoyment.


Role Of Sex Toy

  • People who are afraid of venereal diseases use a sex toy to release their sexual desires without contacting the opposite sex.
  • It can provide sexual enjoyment for people who are unconditionally married, who are out for a long time, or who alone. Avoid prostitutes and prostitutes.
  • For those with strong sexual desire, when their sexual spouse cannot be satisfied, they can release excess sexual energy instead of engaging in extramarital affairs,

thereby stabilizing the marriage.

  • When couples’ sexual life is not full of fun, they can use sex toys to stimulate and assist them to achieve orgasm.
  • Sex toys can be used to induce or treat patients with male impotence and female coldness.
  • Sex toy products are tools for masturbation if one of the spouses is sick or disabled, widowed, and unable to have sex.
  • Conducive to improving the quality of couples’ sexual life. People with poor sexual function can be strongly stimulated by sexual health products to affect the sexual threshold, reach orgasm, and obtain sexual satisfaction.