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Sex Toys in Malaysia: Types of Sex Toys, Tips for Maximum Pleasure, and More!

Often known as “adult toys”, sex toys are accessories you can use either solo or with a partner to enhance your sexual pleasure. They are made of different materials and come in various shapes, colours, and functions.

Adult toys are so popular nowadays and their popularity is booming. The global sex toy market is expected to surpass $19 billion by 2030.

In brief, sex toys are great for:

  • Helping you and/or your partner reach orgasm faster.
  • Masturbating alone or at the same time with your partner.
  • Enhancing sexual foreplay before intercourse.
  • Enhancing penetration (vaginal or anal).
  • Stimulating various sexual and body organs for maximum pleasure.

Sex toys are becoming more common in Malaysia – from single women to couples, and non-binary people. According to global stats, the largest population of sex toy users is single women.

Types of Adult Toys in Malaysia

There are several types of sex toys you can find in Malaysia. The most common types based on their design and function are:


Dildos are the most popular sex toy in Malaysia, especially among young women and couples. They have a shape and texture that resembles a real penis which is ideal for penetration. Dildos are made of different materials like silicone, rubber, PVC, glass, metal, etc.

There are also variations of dildos based on their features. For example, plain dildos, dildos with testicles, sanction cap dildos, vibrating dildos, etc.

Based on the size, there are short (less than 5” long), medium-length (6-8”), and large or XL dildos (8-12”).


Vibrators have a long and varied shape and produce an electric vibration, typically from batteries. This electric vibration induces sensation in the sexual organs you use.

Vibrators are available in two main forms: solo or as an extra feature of dildos. Solo vibrators are usually smaller and cheaper while vibrating dildos are larger and tend to cost more. There are also types of vibrators based on the intensity of vibration. Some produce light vibration waves while others yield a more intense vibration.

Anal Toys

Anal toys as their name suggests, enable anal penetration or stimulation. Anal toy types include plugs, anal beads or balls, prostate massagers, and wide-based dildos.

Similar to dildos and vibrators, they are also made of common materials like silicone, rubber, glass, and/or metals. Due to the fact they are designed for anal use, it’s best to use them with condoms or lubricants for safety.

While they are not for everyone, anal toys are super for stimulating your anus if you like the sensation.

Men’s Masturbation Toys

Men’s masturbation toys resemble the look and feel of female organs like the vagina, anus, mouth, and breasts.

They are commonly used for male masturbation, especially among single and straight or bisexual males. Due to their special female anatomy resemblance, they give the sensation of penetrating a real female organ.

Some types include a single female organ while others include two or more external organs e.g. vagina and anus. They are usually made of thermoplastic rubber, PVC, or flexible silicone material.

BDSM / Kinky Toys

BDSM refers to Bondage-Dominance-Sadism-Masochism sexual toys and practices. They go beyond the borders of ordinary sexual play and are great for sexual experience.

Common BDSM toys include cuffs, restraints, blindfolds, ropes, extra-tight leather underwear, nipple clampers, and strap-ons. They are typically made of firm fake leather, vinyl, or rubber materials.

Cock Rings

Cock/penis rings are ringlets that attach to the base of the penis. Their main use is to slow down blood circulation through the penis and increase sensation during erection.

They can also make your penis harder for longer. Most penis rings are made of soft rubber materials that you can easily wear and discard. Some have a simpler structure while others have an added base or vibrating mode. The vibrating mode is particularly useful for enhancing the pleasure of your female partner.


Pumps are electrical devices powered by cords or batteries which produce suction to a target spot. This suction stimulates and temporarily enlarges the area.

Based on their target area, there are penis pumps, breast pumps, vulva bumps, butt pumps, or nipple pumps. Penis pumps in particular not only enlarge penis size temporarily but also treat erectile dysfunction.

How to Choose The Right Adult Toy

Choosing the right adult toy is simply a matter of preference. Your gender, sexual practices, partner’s needs, safety, and budget are all factors to consider when choosing an adult toy.

Here are our recommendations for different types of users:

If you are a single female going for vaginal or anal penetration, choose a dildo. Silicone dildos are great for starters and they are safe and easy to use. Or, if you wish to have a more intense experience and don’t mind the cost, you may go for a glass or metal dildo.

Females that want to achieve clitoris stimulation may also choose a vibrator. A vibrating cock/penis ring will also help stimulate the clitoris of your female partner.

Males or penis-wearers that want to masturbate to female genitals, should go for fake female parts/male masturbators. If your budget is tight, you may use a rubber-based single female organ. Or, you may use a silicone product with two or more fake organs for a more enhanced and realistic experience.

If you wish to try something different and kinky alone or with your partner, try BDSM toys. However, these types of sex toys may be taboo for some religious or reserved people.

Lastly, to enhance the size of your organ/s and stimulate blood flow to the area, go for a pump.

Adult toys in Malaysia are made of different materials and thus have different levels of safety, comfort, and skin tolerance.

For instance, silicone-based toys are ideal for most as they are flexible, safe, and waterproof. But, if you are allergic to rubber or want something firmer, you may go for glass or metallic toys. 

If you are still not sure, you can buy and use a smaller and simple toy first. You can then gradually experiment with other options to find your perfect match.

Tips For Maximising Sex Toy Experience

Sex toys alone make great sexual enhancers. Here are some tips to make the most of your sex toys:

  • Use smaller and simpler toys for a start. If you haven’t used sex toys before, use a simple toy, particularly in a smaller size for safer experimentation. It’s best to go slow and simple at first before you can work your way up to something bigger or more intense.


  • Ensure that you use a compatible lubricator with your toy. Lubricators enable easier penetration, but you should use them with a compatible toy. Doing so will prevent any damage to the toy’s material. For instance, silicon-based lubricants are great for hard plastic, metal, glass, or wooden sex toys. However, if you are using a silicon-based toy, you should only use a water-based lubricant.


  • Make sure your anal toy has a flared or wide base. A thin and long anal toy without a wide or flared base may likely get stuck in your butt. Anal toys with a base may cost slightly more but they are much safer and foolproof than baseless ones.


  • Dual-intensity toys are worth the investment. If you wish to go for a fuller and deeper sexual sensation, go for dual-intensity toys. These are also great for more experienced users. These toys have many functions and types including vibrating dildos, g-spot vibrators, double holes, etc.


  • Clean your toy properly after each use. While non-porous materials are resistant to bacteria, viruses, and fungi you still need to clean them after use. Of course, disinfecting porous sex toys is a necessity. Experts agree that you can wash most toys (rubber, silicone, metal, and glass) with water and soap. You also use water-based wipes without alcohol or harsh chemicals. Once you wash your toy, pat it dry with a clean towel and let air dry.


  • Keep your sex toy in a dry and shaded place. Extreme temperatures may damage the material of your sex toy, especially if it’s made of rubber or silicone. To prolong the life of your toy, use it preferably in a dry and shaded place away from sunlight or heat.

At secretbyme.com, we give you the chance to shop for sexual toys discreetly at the convenience of your space.

Forget about embarrassing and time-consuming visits to traditional sex shops. You can choose and buy from a wide range of sexual enhancers with just a few clicks at Secret By Me.